Sohum is translated to I am That. Its mantra evokes contemplation and reflection of who we are, what we connect to and being at one with the universe.


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Inspired by previous experiences at Yoga retreats around the globe, Sohum Retreats was created as a platform for sharing those practices with the rest of the world. We are all in search of connection, with others and with ourselves. Our goal is to create a space to facilitate these connections and enable participants to feel at ease, be vulnerable and grow. Sohum is based on the infinite possibilities contained in the phrase "I am". I am powerful, strong, loving, enough, present, passionate and fearless. The program will be based on this concept, leading each participant closer to answering the question, "Who are you?"

Vanessa Piazza is the owner and founder of Sohum Retreats. After years of working in the New York corporate world, Vanessa found herself worn down by the attrition and demands of city living. Work had completely consumed her. Overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted and confused, she booked her first solo yoga retreat in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Initially not knowing what to expect, she quickly found herself able to stop and breathe for the first time in years. Amazed by how easy it was to enjoy life there and connect with others, Vanessa began to reexamine pursuits, behaviors and goals she had long considered normal and important.

Then again what is “normal”? In New York, it was having a successful career, making money, living in the city, or maybe finding a partner, getting married and having children. Truthfully, Vanessa never wanted a career. It was never something she dreamed about, it was just something that happened.

Upon her return from Costa Rica, Vanessa took a much-needed break from her job. In her first two weeks she began a daily meditation and yoga practice, supplemented by a daily boxing routine. This became a critical outlet as a means of getting back in touch with herself and more closely examining her identity and self-vision.

It’s been a little over two years since Vanessa attended her first yoga retreat. Since then so many things in her life have shifted. To say this changed her life would be an understatement. Connecting with people, being vulnerable, becoming aware, and realizing simply that life is to be lived, are just a few of the lessons she learned through this experience.

Since quitting her job; Vanessa took a year off for travel, completed her 200hr yoga teacher training, and moved to a small town nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. She has done so many things she never thought she would do, and remembers always saying “I wish I could do that” How things have changed! Now Vanessa is the person who says “I can do that” and, she IS doing it! After attending multiple retreats, she finally realized that she wanted to create this experience for others, and so Sohum Retreats was born. Vanessa is thrilled to share this new venture with the world. She hopes to create space for others to feel vulnerable, take time for themselves, share stories, and do YOGA!!!